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In 2004 our eco-responsible communication agency opened its doors. From the start we chose to promote sustainable practices and digital marketing in order to favour non-paper. In order to clearly identify our most ecological products, we created the SIGNÉCO range and brand.

SIGNÉCO: 100% recycled and recyclable!

Our marketing specialists and media researchers have been working for over 20 years to find or design environmentally friendly products to promote your image. The logic being to provide through this range only products that meet rigorous ecological criteria based on:

  • A construction based on recycled & recyclable materials
  • No use of environmentally harmful chemical inks
  • When the material is made of wood, it must be from PEFC channels
  • Where printing is mandatory the paper must be 100% recycled
  • When printing is mandatory the material must be mandatorily recyclable

SIGNECO.EVENTS is part of the SIGNÉCO commitment...

Based on this experience, we decided to design a fully mutualised solution to enable those who wish to do eco-responsible business to have the tools and advertising media at the best price.

In our solution we provide you with:

  • A web platform to promote your business .
  • SmartPhone applications to put your products on sale
  • A graphic charter protected at the INPI
  • Eco-responsible advertising materials to promote your establishment
  • Webinars to improve your daily communication
  • Support for your eco-responsible objectives from specialists with a 100% online agency
  • Cross-channel marketing training
  • Cross-selling training

It is in this spirit of ecology and sustainable living that we are deploying the SIGNÉCO SHOP solution in 2020 to provide "small" retailers with effective cross-channel marketing and cross-selling tools.

An ecological commitment around advertising media and corporate gifts

Raw cork meets the following eco properties:

Although natural material, cork does not disintegrat quickly. Our coasters will not release any harmful substances into the environment. With its low weight, you can send them back to us, they are returnable and we will give you 20 euro cents of credit on our shop per coaster. Return address: Signéco Event 86, route de Themis 66120 Targasonne, France.
Our cork coasters and mouse pads can be recycled.
Cork recycling channel
The corks are collected by several associations, and the profits will be used either for humanitarian purposes or for the planting of cork oaks. You will find practical information on the cork collect on those websites:

  • Planète Liège, the website of the French Federation of Cork Unions (FFSL);
  • Recycliège, whose collectors cover a large part of the France country;
  • The France Cancer association runs a cork operation.

The recycling of corks allows the manufacture of gaskets for the automobile or aeronautical industry, sound or heat insulation panels for the home, decorative objects and shoe soles.
Our products are sent in multi-use or ecofriendly boxes. We chose Packhelp brand because they are compostable and recyclable. Feel free to reuse them!

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