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"Run and Run" agglomerated cork mouse pads,They are more ecological because they are made of cork, ideal for conveying your brand during ephemeral events or fairs. It is also a very appreciated corporate gift. Square corner Size: width 24 cm, length 20 cm Thickness: about 0.4 cm Engraving on one side and without paint Ours mouse pads have two differents...

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Cork is a special kind of oak tree bark, called Quercus suber cork oak. Global cork oak plantations cover approximately 2.5 million hectares. Cork forest are mainly located in Europe, Africa as well as in the subtropical and tropical areas of America and Asia. These forests harbour a unique and fragile biodiversity. Cork oaks can live for around 200 years. Oak bark is harvested by hand. It is not need to cut down trees: harvesting cork oaks does not result in the felling of trees! After cork harvested, new bark grows. Every 9 or 10 years, cork oak bark renews itself.

Cork is used to create our coasters comes from a European Suberaies (A fleur de liège) and it is manufactured in Europe. Due to it's simple manufacturing process, from extraction to the final product, cork has a very low ecological footprint.This material offers surprising performance in many ways.

Its multicellular structure, comparable to a honeycomb, gives cork great elasticity, lightness and makes it an outstanding insulating material. 0.4 inch of cork offers the same thermal resistance as 5 inches of hollow bricks or 15 inches of concrete. Cork can even be used as a heat shield for the rockets atmospheric reentry. To protect the tree, the cork bark resist to moisture, fire and insects. Cork is a soft material with a pleasant soft-touch surface. Raw cork is one of the most environmentally friendly material in the world.

Warning: agglomerated or glued cork requires the use of petroleum-based and non-compostable glues, which is why it is better to use raw cork.

If the cork's demand increases, the cork industry has to plant more cork oaks, which creates a virtuous and healthy cycle for the environment and for our planet

Definitely committed to sustainability

Since its creation in 2004, our company has been committed to the protection of natural resources and has been working on the development of eco-friendly products.

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